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We’ve been giving advice on pillows and sleep for nearly a decade.   Below we’ve posted some of the most useful FAQs / readers’ questions to help you find the right pillow for you.

Pillows for Sleep Problems

I am looking for a decent pillow to help with hot flushes at night. I currently have a latex pillow from Soak & Sleep which is incredibly comfy but my hot flushes are terrible if I use this. Any recommendations for a ‘cooling’ pillow OR a pillow that doesn’t get overly warm, would be great. Thank you! – L.

Hi L,

This is a great question as it brings up lots of common issues people have with pillows and trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Latex pillows should keep you cooler than other synthetic pillows for example memory foam pillows. Latex foam (made from the sap of the rubber tree) has an open-cell structure which allows more airflow than many other materials. Latex mattresses and pillows are also created with pinholes in the structure which further helps airflow. However, a latex pillow won’t be as cool as a down / feather pillow, silk pillow or a wool pillow because these natural materials have evolved to help their creatures regulate their own body temperatures in hot or cold weather – this is particularly true of wool which is an excellent choice of pillow if you suffer from night sweats. You sink into a latex pillow more than you do a synthetic polyester pillow, or a well-stuffed feather pillow, so this also contributes to a lack of air-flow around the head and face.

The other thing to consider – and this is really important – is what you’re covering your pillow with. You must absolutely use a 100% cotton (or wool) pillow protector and pillowcase; this also goes for a mattress protector. If you’re covering your pillow with any kind of polyester / nylon mix material you will suffer more from heat and sweats, guaranteed. A natural bamboo pillow with cotton pillowcase can also be a good choice to keep you cool.

So what would we recommend?

Best Cotton pillow protectors: The White Company (very soft, thick 100% cotton) – read our review.

Best Wool pillow: Soak and Sleep Luxury New Zealand Wool pillow – 5* pillow

Best Bamboo pillow: Panda Bamboo pillow – review here.

Best Synthetic cooling pillow with cotton cover: Simba Pillow with Outlast – NASA space technology to keep you cool – review here.

Last one to mention, and may well be the best is the: REM Fit Snow pillow. Our reviewer, Mark, really likes it for it’s cooling properties: read review here.

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Different Pillow Types

Hi,Please kindly explain these pillows you advise " Latex pillows "?? Also these pillows you advise do i need  a pillow underneath if so which type of pillow please ??  Sue
Hi Sue,
Latex pillows are a very good choice for those who suffer from back and neck problems but can be a little warmer than other natural fillings, and don't really have the 'marshmallow' feeling you are describing.   However, if you buy one with a 100% cotton cover which is also washable, it could be a good solution for you - they are fantastic for neck and head pain and many sufferers swear by them.
Have a look at the review we wrote here of the latex Super Comfort Dunlopillo, or go straight to the less firm,  softer Dunlopillo Serenity Pillow here (best for back sleepers).  You shouldn't need another pillow underneath.
All best, 
The Pillow Advisor team 
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